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09-January-2012, 10:30 AM
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Guest post: by ‘Be informed’
All of us have mistakenly broken the law, most of the time in very minor ways such as going over the speed limit driving. Many individuals will actually try to get away with breaking the law, sometimes get caught and punished. What though happens when you actually make it a point to actually obey the law and go to extra lengths of making sure that you were doing everything correctly, and end up inadvertently committing a crime because you were given misinformation? What about a law that is in total obscurity that lawyers know nothing about it? How can any reasonable district attorney ever prosecute such a case against anyone you ask yourself. It sadly happens all the time.
Ryan Jerome a law abiding citizen that has served his country and all American’s country as a marine faces charges of illegally carrying a hand gun, in which he had a concealed license to do so in his home state. He did not receive correct information about carrying weapons that he seeked as a honest human being, and now faces many years in prison for trying to obey the law. Mr. Jerome is is now in the position of the daunting task of surviving the law system (that he fully supported as a serviceman of the U.S.) that is now contemplating trying to take away his freedom for being misinformed, something that can happen to any of us, anywhere.
This marine is caught between a rock and a hard place in which he could be made as “an example” in the middle of a very intense political maneuvering battle that is going on over the rights of individuals in regards to firearms. All over the United States there is an extreme polarization of both sides of the rights to possess fire arms or not. The real issue here is what is fair and rational to the “sole” individual, the marine or anyone in the future or present, that becomes quite secondary to those in control. What do you do when you or someone you know becomes an unintended pawn in the political game of chess, or an obstacle in some politician’s hidden or even visible agenda?
Unless there is some sort of agenda, prosecutors do not want to waste their time with some individual that obviously had the full intention of obeying the law and simply made a mistake. Not only is this a waste of time, it is a waste of money that could be better spent on the REAL criminals and controlling REAL crime. So assume if you or someone else is being prosecuted for a crime in which it is apparent to a blind man that you were fully intent on obeying the law they say you broke, it is for a higher purpose for those higher up in the government that want to control something. District attorney’s office are controlled by those in higher governmental positions and this is where the DA ultimately gets their commands and duties from.
Being on one side of a coin of an intense passionate issue does have one advantage, that being you have some allies trying to help you. While some may see you as nothing but as also a pawn to gain their advantage is really irrelevant because you will someone in your corner. There are however even better allies that might have any opinion on the issues, and just plain are terrified of a run-away law system that will eventually engulf their own lives and come back to haunt them unless they do something about it.
When it is obvious you have been a victim of a law system gone haywire to any sensible sane person, letting as many know about this as possible is essential. The key here though is NOT the issue to stress, whether it be gun rights or something else, it is to show to the public that this is an example of anyone in the future being a target of a law system ALLOWED to get away with rampant intimidation and unfair practices against its citizens. People feel more outrage and are more likely to do something about it when their butts could be on the line for something else later. The media can in this case be well used as they love human interest stories and drama about government corruption and abuse of the law that we are all under the scrutiny of.
Public outcry is so important to those to trying to curb the irrational actions of those in control, as the last thing a politician wants to be classified as is someone who supports cut-and-dried legal policies that are unfair and dangerous against personal liberties of ALL the citizens. Every politician is well aware of money and if your unjust situation can generate enough interest to not patronize their sources of revenue, this can be tremendous help to someone caught in this legal plight. For example marine Ryan Jerome could get much help in his legal dilemma from fellow marines and other armed forces service people by a boycott against visiting the city until rational fair justice is given to Mr. Jerome that fully intended to obey any and all laws of the city.
If you don’t have much money and have been charged with a crime, whether it is a so called politically motivated charge or not, don’t think that automatically that all public defenders are bottom of the barrel attorneys, some are, but many are not. Public defenders have to have a certain success rate or they risk being replaced, and many are looking to make a name for themselves by winning cases. If you are innocent or if you were wronged in the prosecution process, you can win your case and simply going for a plea deal because you feel that you cannot win without a top-notched widely known lawyer is not fair to yourself.
Even if the worst occurs and you are unfairly convicted of a crime that defines reason, most countries including of course the United States have higher appeal courts that could easily overturn ridiculous court rulings. Not settling for an absurd court decision and continuing to fight for your rights and until you have been vindicated and freed needs to remain your true goal. All the way up the ladder from state appellate courts to state supreme to supreme court of the U.S. Even when you are physically free from incarceration your real final goal is to be exonerated and your good name cleared. They are many disadvantages to have a conviction on your record, especially one that you never deserved, and this makes it worth it to clear your name.
Most survival situations people think of life and death natural and man-made disasters, but under the nose of everyone is the potential for anyone to truly LOSE the survival battle because of obscure and hazardous laws out there that most people, including those with law degrees are not totally aware of or do not understand fully. These laws are a danger for everyone’s freedom because laws are often made to support only a certain group or individual’s benefits. When one of these laws surfaces like a blood thirsty shark and affects one of more people all of us are affected. Simple clarity avoids the ignorance of the law excuse. Any unclear law has to be be made transparent enough so there are no honest mistakes about its interruption are made, much like this poor marine that was only trying to obey the city’s laws like he was taught to obey orders as a marine.

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