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La multi ani, Black, si bine ai reaparut! :) Da, e la topicul cu Meteoriti, am pus acolo niste linkuri cu filmulete, inregistrari de la diferite camere video din tara.


Correlation of geomagnetic anomalies recorded at Muntele Rosu
Seismic Observatory (Romania) with earthquake occurrence
and solar magnetic storms

Iren A. Moldovan1,*, Anica Otilia Placinta1
, Angela Petruta Constantin1
, Adrian Septimiu Moldovan2
Constantin Ionescu1
National Institute for Earth Physics, Bucharest-Magurele, Romania
Azel Designing Group S.R.L., Bucharest-Magurele, Romania


Figure 3. Kp indices of January 6, 7, 1998, reveal a magnetic storm. Two days later, on January 10, 1998, a step-change of Bz and By occurred. The By component
developed a V-shaped anomaly with a duration of 4 days. An earthquake with magnitude Mw 4.0 (h = 143 km) occurred at the end of this anomaly=D>


5. Conclusions
"The main purpose of the present study was to evaluate
the data obtained after 15 years of geomagnetic
surveillance, to obtain more robust conclusions on the
nature of various irregularities in the geomagnetic field
variations. The present study reveals some issues regarding
the interpretation of the geomagnetic activity within the
Vrancea seismic zone prior to earthquakes with Mw >3.0
[Enescu et al. 1998, 1999a,b, 2001]. Some geomagnetic
anomalies identified and presented as precursory signals are
seen to be induced either by increased solar activity
(as the
Kp index demonstrates) or by dysfunction of the data
acquisition system, which produced inconsistent data with
numerous gaps. The first part of our study demonstrates
that the previously reported precursory anomalies were
insufficiently investigated, which led to some regrettable
misinterpretations. In our opinion, more careful
approaches in the future will be beneficial for these kinds of

Ceea ce era de demonstrat.


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In some cases, earthquakes generate variations < 10 nT in the local geomagnetic field, mainly by two different phenomena: the piezo-magneticeffect, resulting from variations of the rocks magnetization inducedby mechanical or thermal stress and associated to slow variations (from weeks to months) and electro-kinetic effects due to the presence of electric currents in the crust associated to rapid variations from seconds to days [2]. This is the first investigation method used in our monitoring system

La pagina 4 este o imagine care arata anomalia componentei By a campului magnetic in masurarea simultana a celor trei statii seismice inaintea cutremurului din 27.10.2004.

Anomalia s-ar putea produce datorita efectului magnetostrictiv invers (efect Villari) sau a altor efecte magnetice cum ar fi Matteuci sau Nagaoka-Honda.

Efectele magnetice directe sunt efectul Joule (magnetostrictiv), efectul Wiedemann (legat de torsiune) si efectul Barret (legat de volum) iar efectele inverse sunt efectul Villari, efectul Matteuci si efectul Nagaoka-Honda. Insa ar putea fi vorba si de anumiti curenti telurici, chiar campul magnetic terestru fiind asociat cu efectul de dinam produs de miscarea de rotatiei a nucleului intern.


Mare cutremurolog cred ca ai putea fi mai retinut fata de batrani,putin respect,ai doi care iti posteaza zilnic pe acest forum pt a-l tine activ.Recunosc ca ai toate motivele sa fii nemultumit dar putin respect n-ar strica si apropos,parca nu te-am vazut zilele astea prin piata victoriei.( Hai sterge repede ca sigur nu-ti prieste)